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Led Letter Sign / Wayfinding Signage / Neon Sign/
Light box /Display Fixtures


expert  in  led  sign
and  capable  of  so  much  more

YIJIAO is so much more than just a sign company.

We are best known for our competence and proficiency in manufacturing and providing sign letter solutions for the high-end fashion and retail market, but our skills are by no means limited to sign letter,  we can also provide light box, wayfinding signages, window display and more. We are fast and flexible in adapting to the market place and customer needs.

We are experts in LED sign,

 but we are capable of so much more!


LED Letter Sign

We are signs manufacturer and we provide solutions for the chain stores and mall signs.


Wayfinding Signage

Our signages in various occasions ensure that everyone knows where they are and how to reach their destination.


Fabricated Led Letter with a bolder look, suit -able for larger signs . They are made with LED mod-ules and can be chosen different lighting effect.


Neon Sign

We provide all types of neon sign solutions , including flexible neon , acrylic neon and glass neon.we can provide all for you.


LED Sign Cabinets

Different types light box can be chosen , such as fabric lighting box, Sign Cabinet with Push-Through,customized  light box or blade sign.


Display Fixtures

To combine with various materials and crafts , we aim to create the displays which brands are designed to promote.

We are experts in LED sign, 

but we are capable of so much more!