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Illuminated Sign Cabinets

A Light box Signage is great to increase the visibility of your business in an easy-to-maintain and cost-effective way. Fabricated backing box in metal, stainless steel or aluminum mostly, or acrylic, LED on the back panel as the light source under the signs content, bright, long life and good weatherproof, work well indoor outdoor. Could be single-sided-lit or double-sided-lit, be round or square, fit for business (storefront, shop, office, restaurant, etc.), house, building, church, school, reception and wall.


Single Sided Sign Cabinets


Sign cabinets use a box made of acrylic or plastic and print the graphic on fabric or translucent acrylic. They can be lit with either a fluorescent light or LEDs for maximum brightness and efficiency. They are designed for durability to allow them to withstand harsher weather conditions.

push through.png

Sign Cabinet with Push-Through


Push-through signs are an excellent way to combine a variety of materials to create a very high-end effect with the illuminated edges of acrylic that extend beyond the metal face of the sign.

Double Sided Sign Cabinets


The double sided projecting external Light boxes are ideal for shop fronts and building identification. Acrylic face panels are printed with graphics either side which are then back illuminated to give maximum impact.Brackets are supplied to allow the light box to stand-off the wall.


Full-Lit Light Box Signs


This is the custom light box sign that can often be seen around the city. LED light box signs are a classic means of advertising. All sides are made in acrylic or solid surface which have good transmission of light. Graphics can be made of vinyl or stick PMMA cut letters.

full lit.png

Simple & Effective Messaging

Typically a shaped metal frame with an acrylic face capable of presenting virtually any

image or message that can be cut or printed on vinyl.

Versatile, cost effective and easy to maintain, cabinet signs can be used as a

primary or secondary sign within or a building, pole, pedestal or ground frame...


Any Shape

Square or rectangle, circle or oval, a cabinet sign can be proportioned to suit your message...


Any Size

From simple indoor cabinets mounted on the wall to large, complex external signs mounted on a pole or building...


Single or Two-Sized

Adaptable to a broad range of applications which can be lit and visible from one side or two...



From size to material and design to mounting, every aspect of a cabinet sign can be customized to match a business’s brand.



Types Of Light Box Signs Based On Usage

Shopping center(1).png
Brand Advertising.png

Office Light Box Signs

Custom light box signs are the perfect solution for office interior and exterior branding. Put up a light box logo sign at the entrance or use multiple office lobby signs to create brand identity. If you’re opening a new office, LED light box logo signs will play a vital role in its promotion. We can tailor-make lighted box signs to support your brand and corporate culture as needed.

Restaurant Light Box Signs

Reel customers into your establishment with outdoor light box signs. Display the name of your restaurant on an exterior light box or refine your interior design with memorable decor. Large light box signs achieve professional branding wherever you place them. LED light box signs will guide customers in and charm them to stick around.

Storefront Light Box Signs

Make your storefront appealing to customers with beautiful LED light boxes depicting the company logo. You can choose from various storefront lighted signs to increase customer traffic. We offer outdoor light box logo signs to help you spread the message to your target audience.

Shopping Center Light Box Signs

LED light boxes are the perfect tool to help your store stand out in a mall or plaza. Establish a prominent visual identity through a large light box sign to increase your store exposure at crowded shopping centers. One of the most common applications of cabinet signs in such settings is displaying store logos. They create an ideal identification point.

Light Box Signs for Brand Advertising

Illuminated sign boxes are often used for displaying the logo and contact information of various medical institutions. Whether used indoors or outdoors, LED box signs will depict your desired message both day and night. These 3D signs can be both mounted and freestanding.

Product Gallery 

How To Order Illminated Sign Cabinets

01_画板 1.png

Indicate all dimensions within the artwork file.

灯箱_画板 1.png

A) Material 



B) Lighting Option

C) Finish options

Example Above Would Be:

LIGHT BOX  12"X6"X1”



D) Mounting option and install location(indoor,outdoor,
     salt water or near sprinklers,etc)

Email your artwork file and specifications to:

证书1_画板 1.jpg
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