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We provide all types of neon sign solutions , including flexible neon , acrylic neon and glass neon.
From the inquiry consultation, structure design, prototype and mass production,we can provide all for you.


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Acrylic neon series

There are 4 types of acrylic neon sign,

the feature is no seam in the joints,

more precision on details and low voltage

for safety.

Flexible neon series


More colors can be chosen in the

flexible neon series,

customized color  are available

when you meet MOQ.

The feature of flexible neon is

short production time ,

such as window display and wedding.

Comparing the other series,

it is cost-effective.


Glass neon series


Traditional glass neon,it has special lighting effect and vintage style, It is still loved by a great number of people, we always engaged in this industry.


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We have put together the new sample kit available in the industry today! YIJIAO sample kit is one of the most valuable tools  to help present and sale the highest quality products available  to the signage industry.
Our sample kit includes our acrylic sign letters, metal sign letters,bulb sign, neon sign, infinity sign ,  as well as samples of our signage products, expertly signage pieces and examples of our extensive line of finishes.
Please be aware that our sample kits only cost $480.


We Provide Sample Kit

Product Gallery 

How To Order​ Neon Signs

To submit your quote /order requests, Email your artwork file and specifications to:

For seamless requests,Have the following ready:

Vector based art is required for any logo or non-standard letter style (cdr, eps, ai, scv, sci, .fs)
Size of the finished logo or letters should be in the art file
Neon option(acrylic neon,glass neon,flex neon)
LED color 
Mounting method and install location(indoor,outdoor,salt water or near sprinklers,etc)
Number of sets

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