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LED Acrylic Letter


LED Acrylic Letter

Acrylic letter is a range of premium acrylic letters illuminated by embedding LEDs dot by dot. They are sealed with resin that makes them totally dust and waterproof.  It can achieve different lighting effect , face lit , side lit , back lit or full lit .


Acrylic Letter
Acrylic Letter with Tow Layers
Acrylic Letter with Stainless Steel
Acrylic Letter with Vinyl
Acrylic Channel Letter


Acrylic Face Lit Channel Letter
Acrylic Bevel Edge Face Lit Letter
Acrylic Luminous Letter - Face Lit
Acrylic Luminous Letter - Black and White
Acrylic Luminous Letter - Face and Back Lit

Acrylic Luminous Letter - Transparent Round Corner
Acrylic Luminous Letter - Transparent Square Corner
Acrylic Luminous Letter - Skeleton by Opening LED
Acrylic Luminous Letter - Partial Side Lit
Acrylic Luminous Letter - Face and Half Side Lit

Material Options




Suitable for wet locations

Sealed in a resin and perfectly waterproof, our acrylic letters are great for indoors and outdoors. All our acrylic letter can achieve IP67 .


Uniform light even for narrow stroke

Acrylic letters can have a stroke of 10mm, and the uniform illumination is guaranteed.  The letters light up equally on large areas and on the narrow stroke.


Fully customizable

All our ranges, you can personalize your own sign by combining different lighting effect . Just tell us your ideas , we can help you make it come true.

IP67 Waterproof test

Lighting Options


Front Light


Front & Back Light


Side Light


Front & Half Side Light


Half Side Light(Back)


Half Side Light(Front)


Back Light

Product Gallery 

How To Order​ Led Acrylic Letter

To submit your quote /order requests, Email your artwork file and specifications to:

For seamless requests,Have the following ready:

Vector based art is required for any logo or non-standard letter style (cdr, eps, ai, scv, sci, .fs)
Size of the finished logo or letters should be in the art file
Painted color of logo or letter
Lighting options(face lit, back lit, side lit or A combination )
Mounting method and install location(indoor,outdoor,salt water or near sprinklers,etc)
Number of sets

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