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We Specialise In Producing

Custom Braille&Tactile Signage

We can produce markers incorporating your logo and using your company colors while still communicating required information to guests in your building. This will help drive sales by contributing to your brand recognition.


custom design

Braille & Tactile Signage

Whether you are after a custom shape, custom colour, or just different wording, we can produce it for you. All of our Braille & Tactile Signs are produced in house. Our experienced team can help you design or work with your existing art and produce signs to meet your exact requirements.At the same time ,our custom Braille Signs signs meet all the necessary requirements and specifications .

Material Options

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Braille Signs And Regulations



ADA signs can feature logos, company colors and graphics to support your branding or complement your decor.

Signs should have a non-glare finish and well-contrasted colors.


Pictograms can be presented
on a 6-inch-high field with no characters or braille sharing that field.


Fonts And Characters

Resist the urge to use serif fonts - an important part of ADA sign making is the use of compliant fonts and characters.

Characters can be upper or lowercase, but never italic, cursive, decorative or overly bold.


ADA signs must use
a sans-serif font.



Braille is required for any signs that identify a room, space or area.

Braille dots should be dome-shaped, not flat or jagged.


Braille should be located at least 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) below the corresponding text and above any borders or decorative elements.


Spacing And Measurements

ADA guidelines dictate a series of spacing and measuring rules to ensure that signs are consistent and clear.

Characters should be placed at least 1/8 inch apart but no more than 4 character strokes apart.

Not enough character spacing

 Too much character spacing


3/8" Minimum space around any
raised element

Character spacing shall be a minimum of 1/8"

Line spacing shall be 35-70% of character height



It’s vital that ADA signs are well-placed for optimum visibility and accessibility.

Ceiling or wall projection signs should measure at least 80 inches from the bottom of sign to the floor.


Signs should be placed so that Braille characters are between 48 and 60 inches above the ground, measured from the baseline of the highest tactile character.


Features & Benfits

Fully Custom Braille Tactile Signs

Fully Compliant with Standards and Codes

Continuous Surface Braille and Fully Embedded Tactile Technology

Hygienic, germ resistant and easy to clean

Knowledge & dependability customer service

Product Gallery 

How To Order Braille Signage 

01_画板 1.png

Indicate all dimensions within the artwork file.

盲文牌_画板 1.png

A) Text&icons Material options

Stainless Steel


C) Background Panel Material

Stainless steel
ABS Double Colour

B) Braille Beads

Stainless Steel Brailles Beads
Brass Braille Beads
Clear Acrylic Braille Beads
White Acrylic Braille Beads
Black Acrylic Braille Beads

D) Finish


E) Mounting Option and install location(indoor,outdoor,
     salt water or near sprinklers,etc)

Email your artwork file and specifications to:

证书1_画板 1.jpg
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