Acrylic Faux Neon Sign

Neon sign is popular in entertaining place to create relax, colorful, dizzying atmosphere. It is also common to use in big holiday to reflect celebrating mood. There is no doubt that comparing the white light, the colorful lights are more attractive.

What Is Acrylic Faux Neon Sign:

The main material is acrylic, which replace traditional glass neon sign. The options of common acrylic colors are red, blue, yellow,pink, green, white or purple. In order to improving sign light effect, it is very useful to install colorful LEDs matching the colorful acrylic.

 The Advantages Of Acrylic Neon Sign:

1.Durable: Owing to solid features, acrylic is not easily to broken during production, transportation and installation. And of course, the acrylic is more durable than glass and silicon flexible neon sign.
2.Safe: comparing the traditional neon sign using high voltage to emit different color, the acrylic  is used to low voltage to energize the colorful LED. So it is different style of colors.


Acrylic Faux Neon

Replicating the appearance of traditional neon, acrylic fake neon or faux neon is a safer, more robust system and is virtually maintenance-free. The faux neon range is manufactured from block acrylic providing a studier alternative to fragile, glass neon. With thermally managed LEDs the faux neon system runs cool to the touch, making the illuminated signage ideal for low-level installation.


About Artwork Conversation

*Please note your original logo art work will be converted into a special artwork for production.

Original Logo Artwork

There are a variety of features such variable width strokes or calligraphic design.

Creating Paths

Not just tracing the center lines but we keep the original logo features when creating the special artwork.

Decide The Stroke Width

We will propose the suitable stroke width based on the signage size and generate the special artwork for production.Once you approve it,we will start the production.

Features of Converted Logo Artwork

Logo’s stroke width bocomes even

Round inner corner becomes sharp

End of line becomes round


  • Easy to install, and uses less power while giving off less heat. 12v Safe low voltage

  • A faux neon sign, with a neon-style structure lit by LEDs, allows for a more versatile, less expensive, and safer alternative that preserves the look and feel of classic neon signage.

  • Solid acrylic material with different lighting effect. Customized different size and shape. There are different Led color options.The stroke width of acrylic neon can range from 12mm-25mm.

  • Long life span and strong material30mm.
    solid acrylic fake neon with waterproof led can make long lifespan and strong for delivery.




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