Stainless steel letters are a favorite for heavy-duty industrial sign letters, ideal for harsh climates.

Our coastal clients come to us for stainless steel sign letters because of its corrosion and tarnishing resistance to marine and harsh environments. Contractors and artists buy decorative stainless steel letters because they offer good welding and can be cut in any font plus shapes and logos.

Offered in two alloys, the C304 offers some corrosion resistance and is economically more viable for those who will not be exposing the lettering to harsh environments. The Alloy 316 offers better corrosion and tarnishing resistance against sea air and other extreme elements. Either material can be brushed for a natural satin finish or buffed to a perfectly reflective polished finish.

Maintain and wash with warm soapy water. Harsh chemicals may permanently damage the material.

The paper template shows the location of the mounting studs and alignment and spacing of the lettering. Mounting studs are threaded prongs that screw into the back of the letter, are coated with construction grade adhesive, and set in holes drilled into the wall. Spacers offset mounting for more dimension of the letters on the surface and produce a nice drop shadow. Unless specified for stud mount at an additional cost, 1/8" letters are plain mount and can be mounted with adhesive. Letters must be stud mounted for polished finishes.


  • Alloy C304 offers some corrosion resistance
  • Alloy C316 is better for marine and harsh environments
  • Stud mounts required for polished finishes
  • Wash with warm soapy water

Stainless steel cutting letter,metal flat cut letter