Channel Letters - An extremely popular choice, channel letters catch the eye by standing out, away from your building. Business logos or images that complement your business name can be cut to design and electrically wired for effect, if desired. Businesses in malls all across America use channel letters to set their name apart from the rest.

Lit Channel Letters with LED illumination systems will brighten up Your Business or facility.

Fabricated Aluminum Channel Letters can get your name up in lights with a style and individuality all your own. This versatile product allows almost any logo or corporate identity to be brought to life. Limitless lighting combinations, colors and configurations can be custom fit to your specifications.

Face-Lighted Channel Letters can incorporate many different Plexiglas combinations to produce solid color, day/night color reversals, and exposed neon effects.

Customized Logos Channel Letters aren't just for text! We can convert logos and designs of all shapes and sizes into the channel letter format of your choice. Channel letters are used to provide signs for buildings, shopping malls, and the like where it is desirable that the signage comprise illuminated letters or any other shapes that are easily seen, even a great distance, even at night.

Stainless steel face lit sign letter with trim cap