A great way to make a cursive metal sign, Script Style Fabricated letters are made from Stainless Steel or Aluminum to ensure durability.

The face is welded to the channel return for a crisp edge. Essentially any font or logo can be fabricated, and the wide range of depths means you can create a thick bold metal sign. Illuminate the script metal sign with LEDs nestled in the channel letters.

Standard finishes range from natural satin, painted, to polished. No other sign letter material offers a polished finish at the same price as natural satin, which adds significant value to this fabricated sign. Give your sign a golden glow with the look of brass with a satin or polished gold titanium finish for twice the letter price, which is still only a fraction of the cost of actual brass lettering.

Several mounting options are offered with both fabricated steel letters and reverse channel letters so they can be displayed as just sign letters, illuminated letters, or stand-alone lettering with a bottom mount.


  • Connected script style
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • Face is welded with a lead-free solder
  • Crisp edges from the face to the sides
  • Polished finish at no additional cost
  • LED light packages available for additional cost

Fabricated metal channel letter,mirror stainless steel letter