Faux Neon LED Letters lend vintage neon letter vibes without the glass and gas.

These LED neon letters are designed in double line, a popular look for numerous styles. From urban to western settings, walls and front windows craving neon glow will be satisfied with custom neon letters made with LEDs.

Several font styles and logos can be made easily with 1 inch thick rounded acrylic lines at 12 or 15mm wide. These faux neon letters come in an impressive number of colors to make your design shine.

Faux neon letters are made with removable backs for serviceable LEDs and wiring. The backs feature weep holes for moisture, and mounting holes for stud mounting. We recommend hiring a licensed electrical contractor to perform the final installation.


  • 30 mm Acrylic (Approx 1 inch thick)
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Colors are transparent vinyl


Lighted Letter Package

  • UL approved 6500k White LED
  • UL required Weep Holes in letter backs or bottoms
  • Lead wires/cables and power supplies
  • Standard leads are 3 wire, 10 foot long cables
  • Class 2 power supplies calculated for your sign requirements
  • Electrical information package with wiring diagram and instructions
  • Other LED colors available by request
  • 5 Year LED warranty
  • 2 Year Power Supply warranty


Not Included

  • Additional wiring and connectors
  • Electrical enclosures for power supplies
  • Raceways for wiring or mounting
  • Electrical wire wall pass through

Acrylic neon sign, faux neon sign letter