Wayfinding System


custom design

Wayfinding System

Whether your customer requires a singular entrance sign for their small business or multiple directional signs scattered strategically throughout a sprawling campus/facility, Yijiao company offers the perfect external and internal wayfinding signage solution every time for your sign company. Choosing the correct signage system for any application can be tricky. We are certain to meet your most challenging customer’s wayfinding signage needs. We provide professional drawing, production and installation guide. 

School Signage

Yijiao is good at customize signage based on clients’ design and  will accomplish all that a school facility would expect it to. Yijiao provides for the design of structure a variety of external educational signage solutions. Our custom school signs can be developed as double-sided monoliths to under awning and suspended sign applications, even LED school signs.


Office Internal Signage

Directories can be printed on single panels or multi-panel directories, which provide easy changeovers. Yijiao provide custom office signage. Directional signage plate and illuminated signs .

The Mall Signage

The custom way finding signage is well suited to shopping mall environments.


A good mall wayfinding system (including directional, informational, identification, and safety and security signage) helps all facility users, both permanent staff and visitors, to save valuable time, while reducing stress and encouraging self-reliance. It also attract customers to shop.


Hospital Wayfinding and Signage Solutions

Yijiao’s hopital wayfinding signage is well suited to providing a hospital wayfinding solution in these dynamic environments. The modularity of the hospital signage system provides for easy removal or additions of panels to address change in a dynamic environment. Customized design can be further enhanced by adding graphic elements such as logos, symbols, numbers or directional arrows either laser cut into panels, produced as cantilevered feature panels or as 3D acrylic elements.