The Face Shield provides an extra layer of face protection when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. These high-quality full-face shields are designed with comfort in mind and are ideal for any workforce, students, or just everyday use.



FULL FACIAL PROTECTION: Protection for your eyes, nose and mouth from saliva, droplets, sprays, aerosols, dust and flying debris


ANTI-FOG: Clear and transparent material, provides maximum visibility and prevents fog from covering your sight


COMFORTABLE LONG TERM: Foam padded elastic sponge headband provides comfort and breathability for long term use and relief from pressure caused by ear loops


180 DEGREE PROTECTION: Wrap-around face shield covers your face from the top of the eyebrow to chin


REUSEABLE & ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Meant to be disposable, however it be reused if properly cleaned and disinfected, suitable for adults and children

Face shield